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A cocktail bar for Downtown Boston

We’ve created a space that evokes a familiar warmth, where conversations can unfold over flavorful cocktails and shareable plates. We invite you to join us at the bar or settle into our plush velvet chairs or tufted leather booths and let the energy of your surroundings – of good spirits and gathered friends – take hold.

Meet Naomi Levy, Head Bartender

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Already one of Boston’s most renowned bartenders, Naomi Levy is the creative force behind Better Sorts Social Club’s bar program. Her dynamic approach to her craft is evident in each cocktail she creates.At 17, Naomi was already hooked by the pace and rhythm of restaurant service and drawn to the drama and challenges of the bar. In 2008, she joined the opening team at Hungry Mother in Cambridge and in 2010 she started at the acclaimed Eastern Standard Kitchen & Drinks, first as bartender, then bar manager. There, she and her team took home multiple honors through the years.Naomi’s personal accolades include being named one of Zagat’s “30 under 30”, receiving Star Chefs’ Rising Star award with a Community designation and being voted Boston Magazine’s Reader’s Choice for Best Bartender in the annual “Best of Boston” issue in 2016 and and being named as Best Bartender by the magazine itself in the 2019 issue. She has also won several competitions including the Boston Speed Rack, the National Barenjager Bartender Competition, and the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition.

Naomi’s passion for cocktailing extends to her delight in engaging with guests and introducing them to the new flavors that make their way into her innovative, delicious drinks made from fresh, seasonal ingredients.